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Eligibility Checklist

Wondering if you are eligible to buy an Executive Condo? Go through this checklist to find out!

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On November 29, 2010
Last modified:August 28, 2012


1) Buyers must consist of a Singapore Citizen and above 21 years old. Co-applicant can be Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident.

2) Buyers must be either First Timer or Second Timer (Existing Owner/Ex-Owner of HDB Flat).

3) Buyers must form a valid family nucleus to buy the EC under one of the HDB’s eligibility schemes:   Public  / Fiance & Fiancee / Orphan / Joint Singles (min 35 yrs old).

4) Buyers’ monthly household gross income must not exceed S$12,000.

5) Buyers and occupiers listed in the application form must not own or dispose of or have an estate or interest in any flat, house, building or land within 30 months before the date of application and between the application date and the date of taking possession of  the EC.

6) Buyers and occupiers have not bought two housing units (a flat from HDB, resale flat with CPF Housing Grant, DBSS flat from developer, an EC unit from developer).

7) Second-timer Buyers who are Existing Owner or Ex-Owner (a flat, resale flat with CPF Housing Grant, DBSS flat from developer) must meet the 5-year Minimum Occupation Period (excluding any period of subletting of whole flat) before application of a new EC.

For more information regarding eligibility for Executive Condominium, you can refer to HDB website.

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